Vegetable seeds new varieties

New varieties of vegetables to grow from seeds

Tomato Cherokee Green

Rich in flavour the tomatoes turn green with a yellowish tinge on the blossom end when ripe.
This is one of the best tasting green tomatoes. Ideal in
salads, sandwiches and makes a delicious pasta sauce.
10 Vegetable seeds

Tomato Cherokee Green

Tomato Cherokee Green Beefsteak









Spinach Fuji

Oriental variety ideal for baby leaf or teen leaf ,  serrated leaves, which are smooth, thick and dark green in
colour with pointed tips. 500 vegetable seeds

Spinach Fuji

Spinach Fuji vegetable seeds









Spinach  Bordeaux

A burgundy red stemmed/veined F1 variety with contrasting dark green leaves.
Ideal steamed or raw in salads. 250 vegetable seeds

Spinach Bordeaux vegetable seeds

Spinach Bordeaux









Radish Hailstone

An early white round radish that is crisp and tender with plenty of flavour. 250 seeds

Radish Hailstone seeds

Radish Hailstone








Available from Nicky’s vegetable seeds


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