New Flower varieties to grow from seeds

New flower seeds for the home gardener and grower from Nicky’s Flower Seeds A to C.

Ageratum White Champion seeds

Ageratum houstonianum mexicanum
Half hardy annual.
An attractive F1 white ageratum which is uniform a free flowering. Ideal for borders, mixed bedding, pot plants or in containers. Pelleted Seed

Begonia Illumination Lemon

Trailing begonia for hanging baskets & window boxes, hybrid. Gives a canopy of blooms on elegant cascading stems, blooms are large & double. Lemon coloured 5cm double flowers. We supply Pelleted seeds for ease of sowing.


Begonia. Majestic Sunburst 20 pellets
Begonia Majestic Sunburst
Very large 14-20cm double flowers with ruffled edges produced on strong vigorous plants that produce an abundance of colour all summer long. Ideal for borders, containers or patio pots.
Pelleted Seeds for ease of sowing.

Begonia. Starshine Mixed 10 Pelleted sds
Begonia Starshine Mixed
B.boliviensis x hybrida
A mix of Orange, Red, Rose and white. Excellent hanging basket plant with vigorous growth and well branched plants. Masses of flowers on strong arching stems make these plants a must for any hanging basket or patio container.
Pelleted seeds for ease of sowing.

Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream 25 pellets
Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream

Tuberous rooted F1 variety. Very floriferous cascading plants with double and semi double flowers of 6-8cm. Ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Pelleted seed.

Campanula. Rapido Blue 50 pellets Campanula. Rapido White 50 Pellets
Campanula Rapido Blue  and  Campanula Rapido White

A very early free flowering hardy hybrid perennial producing compact mounded plants that are covered in flowers from July to September. Ideal rockery plant or over a low wall. Full sun or partial shade. Pelleted seeds. Height 13-18cm with a spread of 13-20cm

Celosia. First Flame Mixed 50 seeds
Celosia First Flame Mixed
Excellent highly coloured summer flowers in a mixture of scarlet orange red and yellows, First Flame is earlier by 2 weeks than other similar varieties. Pot up in the border or containers. C. plumose

Coleus. Kong Lime Sprite 10 pellets
Coleus Kong Lime Sprite
Solenostemon scutellarioides
An extremely large leaf variety with unique leaf patterns. Plants are well branched and will make a bold statement in any border or container. Also ideal as an indoor house plant. Pelleted seeds.

Coleus. Kong Rose Lime Magic 10 pellets
Coleus Kong Rose Lime Magic
Solenostemon scutellarioides
A unique variety as the colour changes with the seasons. Rose colour in leaves will dissolve exposing green margins with a cream centre as the season progresses. Makes a bold statement in any container. Pelleted seeds.

Cosmos. Purity 100 seeds

Cosmos Purity
A popular annual flower for the cottage garden, wildlife garden or for the cut flower garden. Pure white flowers up to 10cm in diameter. Flowers from summer through to autumn. Sow from March to May. C bipinnatus


Cosmos Cupcakes Mixed

Free flowering 3 colour blend of cupcake shaped flowers, in single and semi double blooms, each petal is fused to the next one to make a single cupcake flower, bushy, tall plants ideal in borders, large containers, wildlife and cut flower garden. Flowers from summer through to autumn. Sow from March to May. Cosmos Cupcakes C bipinnatus



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