Grow Your Own Salad Leaf Mixtures

Most fridges these days have a bag of salad leaves turning slimy and
smelly in the vegetable drawer – we buy them for a pinch to liven up a salad,
quiche or jacket potato and then promptly forget the rest. Either that, or
there is a certain leaf we don’t like and we pick it out and waste it. Without
even considering the cost – which averages out at over £1 and can easily be far
more – and the risk of catching nasty diseases from inadequately washed leaves,
it make a lot of sense to grow your own. As an added incentive, let’s not even
mention the occasional story of the live frog/dead insects and all the other
livestock found in a bag of salad leaf mix.

Nicky’s nursery has a huge choice of seeds for you to try if you fancy
having a go at growing your own salad leaf mixture. You can make the
mixture whatever you like by choosing the varying kinds for sale and the best
part is that, by careful successional sowing, you can have fresh, sweet and
tender salad leaves right through the season. So no more slimy bags in the back
of the fridge. With no waste and with each packet costing at the most the
equivalent of two bags of washed salad leaves, it makes financial sense to grow
your own salad leaf mixture, but that is to ignore the amazing difference in
the taste. You won’t ever get that horrible sour, bitter taste in your mouth
again as you chew down on a leaf that is well past its best. Every leaf you
pick is at the peak of freshness and you can make up the combination that suits
the dish the best.

You don’t need to have masses of room to keep the average family
supplied with lovely fresh baby salad leaves – a few pots will be ample and if
you start in March by sowing a few seeds under glass, you can progress to
sowing outside once the weather warms up. Nicky’s Nursery also has a huge range
of cut and come again salad vegetables
which you can pull a leaf at a time to add to a leaf mix or allow to grow a bit
bigger to be used in stir fries or wilted gently with some butter for a lovely
light summer vegetable. Even if you live in a flat, you will have room to grow
your own salad leaf mixture. You only need to scatter a few seeds on a decent
sized pot or tray and they will soon be showing green. You can let them get to
proper lettuce size if you want but most people can’t resist pulling them when
they are really tiny and sweet. With a lightly seasoned French dressing, they
are good to eat on their own, or, if you are growing some baby vegetables, why
not treat yourself to a warm goat’s cheese, baby beetroot, red onion and baby
salad leaf salad for lunch. It tastes like summer on a plate and apart from
anything else, it is really good for you.


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