What to sow October

October 4, 2015

These are some of the varieties that can be sown November:

New Flower varieties to grow from seeds

June 8, 2015

New flower seeds for the home gardener and grower from Nicky’s Flower Seeds A to C.

Ageratum White Champion seeds

Ageratum houstonianum mexicanum
Half hardy annual.
An attractive F1 white ageratum which is uniform a free flowering. Ideal for borders, mixed bedding, pot plants or in containers. Pelleted Seed

Begonia Illumination Lemon

Trailing begonia for hanging baskets & window boxes, hybrid. Gives a canopy of blooms on elegant cascading stems, blooms are large & double. Lemon coloured 5cm double flowers. We supply Pelleted seeds for ease of sowing.


Begonia. Majestic Sunburst 20 pellets
Begonia Majestic Sunburst
Very large 14-20cm double flowers with ruffled edges produced on strong vigorous plants that produce an abundance of colour all summer long. Ideal for borders, containers or patio pots.
Pelleted Seeds for ease of sowing.

Begonia. Starshine Mixed 10 Pelleted sds
Begonia Starshine Mixed
B.boliviensis x hybrida
A mix of Orange, Red, Rose and white. Excellent hanging basket plant with vigorous growth and well branched plants. Masses of flowers on strong arching stems make these plants a must for any hanging basket or patio container.
Pelleted seeds for ease of sowing.

Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream 25 pellets
Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream

Tuberous rooted F1 variety. Very floriferous cascading plants with double and semi double flowers of 6-8cm. Ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Pelleted seed.

Campanula. Rapido Blue 50 pellets Campanula. Rapido White 50 Pellets
Campanula Rapido Blue  and  Campanula Rapido White

A very early free flowering hardy hybrid perennial producing compact mounded plants that are covered in flowers from July to September. Ideal rockery plant or over a low wall. Full sun or partial shade. Pelleted seeds. Height 13-18cm with a spread of 13-20cm

Celosia. First Flame Mixed 50 seeds
Celosia First Flame Mixed
Excellent highly coloured summer flowers in a mixture of scarlet orange red and yellows, First Flame is earlier by 2 weeks than other similar varieties. Pot up in the border or containers. C. plumose

Coleus. Kong Lime Sprite 10 pellets
Coleus Kong Lime Sprite
Solenostemon scutellarioides
An extremely large leaf variety with unique leaf patterns. Plants are well branched and will make a bold statement in any border or container. Also ideal as an indoor house plant. Pelleted seeds.

Coleus. Kong Rose Lime Magic 10 pellets
Coleus Kong Rose Lime Magic
Solenostemon scutellarioides
A unique variety as the colour changes with the seasons. Rose colour in leaves will dissolve exposing green margins with a cream centre as the season progresses. Makes a bold statement in any container. Pelleted seeds.

Cosmos. Purity 100 seeds

Cosmos Purity
A popular annual flower for the cottage garden, wildlife garden or for the cut flower garden. Pure white flowers up to 10cm in diameter. Flowers from summer through to autumn. Sow from March to May. C bipinnatus


Cosmos Cupcakes Mixed

Free flowering 3 colour blend of cupcake shaped flowers, in single and semi double blooms, each petal is fused to the next one to make a single cupcake flower, bushy, tall plants ideal in borders, large containers, wildlife and cut flower garden. Flowers from summer through to autumn. Sow from March to May. Cosmos Cupcakes C bipinnatus


Ornamental Chilli Pepper Uchu Cream Red

November 27, 2014

Chilli Uchu Cream Red
Capsicum annuum
A unique ornamental chilli plant that produces slim to medium sized fruit which are cream coloured ripening through to red. A two tone cream/green foliage makes this an ideal statement pot plant or patio container plant, also an excellent plant for the flower border.

Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Uchu Cream Red 10 seeds

New Lisianthus Varieties

November 22, 2014

A selection from our new Lisianthus to grow from seeds

Lisianthus Advantage Cherry Sorbet

Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus, middle to late flowering fully double dark rose pink flowers on strong stems. Ideal for cut flowers 70-90cm

Arena Baby Pink

Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus Arena series, selected for its high quality and double flowers, an abundance of soft Baby Pink flowers approx 8cm in diameter on tall strong stems. Good branching habit make it an excellent cut flower & border plant. Mid to late flowering. Pelleted seed.
Lisianthus. Arena Baby Pink 30 pellets

Arena Blue Flash

80-100cm New & Unique Colour
Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus Arena series, selected for its high quality and double flowers, a unique colour with an abundance of white blue veined flowers approx 8cm in diameter on tall medium strength stems. Good branching habit make it an excellent cut flower & border plant. Mid season flowering. Pelleted seed.

Lisianthus. Arena Blue Flash 30 pellets

Arena Blue Picotee

Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus Arena series, selected for its high quality and double flowers, Blue Picotee flowers approx. 7.5cm in diameter on tall strong stems, thick petals and a top flowering variety. Good branching habit make it an excellent cut flower & border plant. Mid to late flowering. Pelleted seed.

Lisianthus. Arena Blue Picotee 30 pellets





Croma Green

Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus, Excellent rose type flowers, elegant flower formation and high doubleness of its petals, strong sturdy stems and thick petals make it very attractive to florists and versatile in arrangements. Pale green rose like 6cm double flowers approx 6cm in size, good branching habit ideal cut flower, short plant and early flowering variety

Lisianthus. Croma Green 30 pellets

 Croma Snow

Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus, Excellent rose type flowers, elegant flower formation and high doubleness of its petals, strong sturdy stems and thick petals make it very attractive to florists and versatile in arrangements. Early flowering cream/white fully double 6cm wide flowers, good branching habit tall plants with strong stems, an excellent cut flower

Lisianthus. Croma Snow 30 pellets

Croma White

Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus, Excellent rose type flowers, elegant flower formation and high doubleness of its petals, strong sturdy stems and thick petals make it very attractive to florists and versatile in arrangements. Fully double rosy like pure white flowers approx 7cm in diameter, good branching habit and plant height, good hard stems. Ideal as cut flowers or in an arrangement with greenery and gypsophila for the perfect table decoration.

Lisianthus. Croma White 30 pellets

Falda Salmon

80-100cm New & Unique Colour
Eustoma grandiflorum
Hybrid Lisianthus, salmon coloured single petal 5cm fringed flowers on strong sturdy stems. An abundance of flowers per stem, the fringed flowers make voluminous bouquets especially when many flowers are used in one vase, ideal in a mixed arrangement or as a single colour display, a unique colour – thick petals.

Lisianthus. Falda Salmon 30 pellets

Vegetable Seeds and FLower Seeds

May 24, 2014

10% off vegetable seeds and flower seeds this May bank holiday. Use code V514 at the shopping basket, update the basket and qualifying products will be discounted.

Grass seed & lawn seed for quality lawns

April 3, 2014

Nickys Nursery flower seeds, herb seed, wildflower, grass seed and vegetable seeds, chilli seeds and tomato seed

Large range of grass seed and lawn seed mixtures for sowing a new lawn or renovating tired and old lawns. Front ornamental lawn, back lawns and play areas, shaded lawns, embankments, woodlands to sports fields and golf course tees, greens and fairways.
Available Grass Seed Mixtures

Front Lawn Grass Seed

Seeding a lawn – A basic guide to preparing the ground, sowing the lawn seed and looking after your lawn in the following years.

Prepare the ground by removing all rubbish, stones, bricks, weeds and plants. Improve drainage wherever possible, deep digging will help. The finer the prepared seed bed the better the lawn will be.
For lawns on a heavy soil incorporate more sand while digging this will help improve drainage. On light and sandy soil incorporating a good amount of peat into the soil will prevent drying out and loss of nutrients.
Level the site taking care not to remove too much topsoil from any one area. If possible the digging of the ground should be done in the autumn and left to stand for the witer, where the rain and frost will break down the large lumps and leave it crumbly. As the soil starts to dry out in the spring is the best time to prepare the fine seedbed. Roll or rake the ground, or tread and rake it in both directions, keep working it until you achieve a firm level seedbed. It is a good idea to rake in a pre-seeding fertiliser, this helps promote root growth and provide the essential early feed for your lawn.

Sowing into heavy soil / covering seed
Should you need to mix the soil due to it being too heavy to sow the seed into, it is recommended that you use peat to break it down, or to sow the seed into as it retains more moisture and nutrients to enable seed germination.

Seed can be sown from mid March until early October, as long as during dry periods the seedbed is kept constantly moist until the lawn is approx 5cm high. Water the seed bed with a fine spray to prevent the seeds or seedlings being displaced. During periods of drought it may be necessary to water continually to aid germination and avoid the young seedlings being scorched and killed off.
A general rule of thumb to get a good established lawn is 50 grams of seed per square metre, allowing a little extra for filling in or patching at a later date. A small area can be sown to be used as patching turf if required for any repair work later.
To sow the seed it is best to divide the area into easily manageable sections, then divide the seed accordingly. Sow half the seed for one section from left to right of the section, the other half of the seed over the first sowing but from front to back of the section. This will ensure an even spread of the types of seed over the section.

Mowing the Lawn
The first mowings are very important for good establishment of the lawn. When the lawn is 5-8cm it should be cut for the first time. Trim the lawn lightly and gradually lower the blades to the recommended mowing height of the lawn seed mixture used. Mow regularly but try not to remove more than a third of the growth at any one cutting. Do not mow the lawn when it is damp. After the first cut the lawn may be rolled, this encourages lateral growth and makes a closely knit turf.
A lawn is best mown little and often, that way you do not remove more than a third of the growth. Towards the end of the season gradually raise the cutting height of the blades. Always remove the cuttings.
Lawn Seed Mixtures

New Tomatoes – beefsteak tomato seeds and cherry tomato seeds

March 14, 2014

New tomato varieties include beefsteak, cherry tomatoes, container and hanging basket tomato seeds from the small cherry to extra large Porterhouse beefsteak.

Tomato Apricot Dreams 10 seeds
Tomato Apricot Dreams
Masses of very sweet fruit in a delightful apricot/orange colour.
Apricot Dream will produce 20-30 fruit per truss with a very high sugar content giving a candy-like sweetness! Indeterminate but with a controlled habit making it very useable in a patio container.

Tomato Baby Boomer 10 seeds
Tomato Baby Boomer
A  prolific hybrid cherry tomato, yielding a bumper crop of up to 300 little sweeties bursting with a great big flavour. Ideal for patio, containers and small areas.

Tomato Big Daddy 10 seeds
Big Daddy
Which Best Buy for great flavour, a breakthrough for taste, size, disease resistance and yield, Big Daddy is a hybrid, bred from the all time great Big Boy. Produces delicious ruby red round meaty fruits, a huge 15 ounces over a long season

Tomato Brandy Boy 10 seeds
Brandy Boy
This new beefsteak hybrid produces loads of large pink fruits up to 14cm across. Brandy Boy captures all the rich flavour of the much loved Brandywine heirloom tomatoes. Fruits have a more shapely form, tidier indeterminate growth, bigger and earlier yields. One of the all time classics has just got better with a nice thin skin, soft heirloom texture and an exceptional tangy sweet taste.

Tomato Green Envy 15 Tomato seeds
Green Envy
A meaty, tangy green cherry tomato, wondrously sweet and juicy. Like no green tomato you have ever seen or tasted before, 1 inch long emerald green sweet cherry tomatoes fruit in abundance in clusters. Great eaten raw, baked, grilled or sautéed, try them in a Salsa, with red cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate 60-70 days from transplant

Tomato Orange Wellington 10 seeds
Orange Wellington
Tipping the scales at up to 340 grams this smooth skinned, hybrid orange heavyweight is plump, dense, meaty with very few seeds. A tomato that is bursting with flavour and ideal to have with dinner, lunch, snacks or on the breakfast plate.

Tomato Pink Pounder 10 seeds
Pink Pounder
A 16oz pink hybrid beefsteak tomato that has gourmet-worthy creamy sweet, pink flesh and superb flavour. Vines produce fruit up until frosts.

Tomato Porterhouse 10 seeds
Porterhouse Beefsteak Tomato
Extra large beefsteak
Plump beefsteak tomatoes that tip the scales at an amazing 2 to 4 lbs each. They are bursting with larger than life old fashioned flavour, smooth texture, deep red luscious flesh all the way through the fruits, with just the right balance between meaty solids and succulent juices.

Tomato Steak Sandwich 10 seeds
Steak Sandwich
Large luscious hybrid tomatoes that offer the good old fashioned tomato taste for sandwiches and salads. They remain firm when ripe, so you can slip a slice into a burger, sandwich or BLT and savour succulent, rich, sweet taste. The compact (less than 1m high) vigorous plants are loaded with dozens of 10oz fruits at a time, that continues from mid summer until early autumn. Tomato Steak Sandwich Indeterminate (cordon) 70 days from transplant to maturity.

Tomato Sweetie 20 Tomato seeds
Tomato Sweetie
A cherry variety producing large clusters of very sweet tasty red fruits, suitable for indoor or outdoor growing requiring a sunny position. plant height 6-8′ days to maturity 69-80 days. Indeterminate.

Tomato Terenzo 8 Tomato seeds
High yielding compact bushy hybrid plants, sweet red cherry tomatoes Terenzo is a trailing plant that is ideal for baskets and containers, a great snacking tomato, approx 30mm 20g crack resistant fruits. 56 days from transplanting to fruit. Determinate. Plant height 30cm spread 40cm.

Tomato Tomande 10 seeds
Tomato connoisseurs rave about the flavour of these broad shouldered 6oz fruits. Fleshy, juicy and flavourful, Tomande (hybrid) will treat gourmet gardeners with both heirloom taste and abundant yields. Indeterminate 72 days from transplant to maturity.

Tomato Seeds from Nicky’s Seeds

Chilli seeds Special Offers on Carolina Reaper & Numex Vaquero

February 21, 2014

February special offers on Carolina Reaper and Numex Vaquero

Carolina Reaper seeds
Capsicum chinense
Special Offer 10 seeds £3.45
One of the World’s Hottest Chillies the Carolina Reaper is also known as
HP22b. The Carolina Reaper averages at over 1,500,000 shu, a new world record holder. These superhot chillies have bright red gnarled fruits with a stinger tail, and a fruity flavour.


NUMEX VAQUERO 10 seeds for 35p

Capsicum annuum
Open pollinated hot Jalapeno chilli pepper. Green smooth pods with no purpling and uniform heat, pods are up to 6.25cm long. Heat level 25,000 to 30,000 SHU with a good Jalapeno flavour.

Peppers Chilli Numex Vaquero

Vegetable seeds to sow February

February 18, 2014

Some of the many vegetable seeds to sow now include

View the vegetable sowing calendar

Garden News Magazine Some of the many Chilli varieties to sow now

February 18, 2014

GARDEN NEWS Magazine featured chillies:-

Peppers Chilli Carolina Reaper 10 seedsCarolina Reaper

Peppers Chilli Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chilli 10 sdsBhut Jolokia Previous world record holder for the Hottest Chilli, currently the only hottest pepper that seed is commercially available for.


Peppers Chilli Tabasco 20 seedsTabasco

Peppers Chilli Joes Long Cayenne 15 seedsJoes Long Cayenne

Peppers Chilli Cherry Bomb 10 seedsCherry Bomb

Peppers Chilli JalapenoJalapeno

Peppers Chilli Inferno 10 seedsInferno

Peppers Chilli Ancho Poblano 20 seedsPoblano Ancho chilli seeds.

Peppers Chilli Trinidad Scorpion Red 10 seedsTrinidad Scorpion Previous world record holder for the Hottest Chilli

Seed available from Nicky’s Chilli Seeds

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