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Petunia Wave Series, Seed germination, planting seeds, what to plant

August 7, 2017

Information on germinating Petunia Wave series seeds, Wave series, Shock Wave and Easy Wave.

Petuni Wave Ball

Petunia SHock Wave

Description and information on the Petunia Wave series:-

Petunia SHock Wave Coral Crush

Shock Wave Petunia

Shock Wave petunias form a blanket of colour, they have a mounded and spreading habit with small 4-5cm flowers and are ideal for hanging baskets, patio containers and flower borders. Height 17-25 cm spread 75-90 cm.

Petunia Wave Blue

Petunia Wave Series

Petunia wave is a low and wide spreading series and is ideal for flower beds and containers. Similar in habit to Surfinia petunias with 7cm blooms along the length of each branch. Height 10-15 cm spread 90-120 cm

Petunia Easy Wave Starship Mixed

Petunia Easy Wave Starship Mixed

Petunia Easy Wave are more monded and less spreading than Wonder Wave and are ideal for use in Flower beds, Hanging Baskets and Containers, either on their own or mixed with wave petunias,
or other hanging basket or container plants for mixed hanging baskets for your friends to envy. They fill baskets and containers faster and are quick to flower. Height 20-30 cm spread 75-90 cm

Petunia SHock Wave Wall

Petunia Shock Wave Coconut, Denim and Pink

Seed Germination & Planting Seeds
Germinate Petunia Wave series at 22-24C, sow seed thinly onto compost in trays, pots or plu cells, do not cover the seed with compost or vermiculite. Shade from direct sunlight and cover trays with glass to maintain humidity. Seed should be ready for transplanting approx 3 weeks after sowing, dependant on conditions. Once transplanted and plants are established temperature can be dropped to approx 10C and protected from frost, lower growing temperatures produce well branched vegative plants. At the lower temperatures plants will take longer to flower. Cool dry growing, allowing the plants to dry between watering will keep the plants more compact, plants require good ventilation and  do not allow plants to be wet overnight.
Petunia Wave Seeds  –  Available online from the Author Nickys Nursery


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